Information Superiority

Excession identifies and mitigates critical threats by enabling those charged with maintaining national security and protecting critical infrastructure to make faster and better decisions in real time.

Shared Operational Consciousness

Excession enables operators to understand what is going on around them, by fusing data, analysis and insight in real time.

The Challenge

  • Non-traditional threats are evolving; making them harder to anticipate, identify and mitigate
  • Integrating and analyzing vast quantities of data to deliver critical and relevant information stretches limited resources
  • The growing volume of raw data affects the quality and speed of decision making
  • It is harder to share critical information, and a common operating picture of what is going on, with team members and partners. This restricts the speed, efficiency and quality of their response options

The Solution

Excession aggregates content from multiple data sources (video, imagery, social media, audio and more) and delivers relevant, intelligent analysis, empowering your team on the ground to make faster, more confident decisions.

Its primary tool is video, enabling your teams to see what’s going on, in real time, layering additional relevant content, providing greater awareness in fluid situations and enhanced strategic analysis.

Excession is independent of hardware or location, so your team can search, mine and leverage video at massive scale securely from any device, anywhere in the world.

To appreciate Excession’s capabilities, please contact us.